Is Florence Pugh’s Garlic Crostini as Tasty as It Sounds? We Tried It to Find Out

Florence Pugh is no doubt a bonafide icon for her roles in Midsommar, Little Women and Don’t Worry Darling. But once you try her viral garlic crostini recipe, you just might add “epic home cook” to that list. To see if it’s as delicious as it sounds, we tested the recipe for our latest episode of Celeb Bites, a YouTube series where we cook and bake like the stars to find out which recipes are worth the hype.

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The dish first went viral after the actress shared her recipe with Vogue earlier this year. “I’ve played, throughout my entire career, very intense characters,” she told the publication. “When I get home, I really need to get back to my usual self—so I will always cook myself dinner.”

The garlic crostini are a bit more complex than your typical garlic bread. It’s sort of like a feta-kissed hybrid of Italian bruschetta and pan con tomate, a traditional Spanish snack consisting of garlic-rubbed bread topped with tomato. She also prefers hers with anchovies (which is zero percent surprising, since both Pugh and tinned fish are all the rage right now), but you can certainly skip them if you’re opposed. Best of all, the only “cooking” the recipe requires is toasting the bread.

Watch the full episode above for our thoughts and the full recipe.

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