Florence Pugh Shares Video Touring The Thunderbolts Set, Jokes Someone Will 'Rugby Tackle' Her For Posting It

 Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Black Widow.
Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Black Widow.

Fresh off her viral press tour for Dune: Part 2 alongside her cast, the grind apparently never stops for Florence Pugh, because she is currently filming Marvel’s Thunderbolts in Atlanta, Georgia. Amidst the shoot, Pugh decided to do the unspeakable, which is to take her camera around the set and give fans a tour, and of course, all the jokes about Marvel secrecy came up.

Florence Pugh took to her Instagram on Wednesday afternoon to update her fans, explaining that she is on the set of one of Marvel’s upcoming movie, and she decided to “sneakily” take us along. Check out the video:

After Pugh has been a bit off the grid following awards season concluding with Oppenheimer winning Best Picture (which she of course starred in), the actress shared where she’s been since, and she’s back in the MCU. Florence Pugh had some fun taking us along on the set of Thunderbolts by going from her trailer to a nearby indoor studio where shooting was taking place. She tried her best to remain coy about everything that was going on around her, but she did manage to reveal that Yelena Belova will be rocking a short haircut and some lovely blue eyeliner while!

How To Watch The Marvel Movies

Yelena, Red Guardian and Black Widow in Black Widow
Yelena, Red Guardian and Black Widow in Black Widow

Stream the Marvel movies in order with a Disney+ subscription.

While Pugh waltzed into the top-secret Thunderbolts set, she offered a sneak peek, but it’s really difficult to tell what the sets actually are. She ended up bringing her video over to director Jake Schreier, who previously helmed a majority of Netflix’s Beef episodes. When she asked him what she’s allowed to say to the public, he said she’s not really supposed to be filming the set. Pugh quipped that she figured someone was about to “rugby tackle” her before showing a single frame of Yelena Belova back in action, holding a gun.

Pugh wrapped up the video by saying she and the cast and crew are having an “amazing time” and she “can’t wait” to show the people what they’ve made. With that, it’s time to start getting excited for Thunderbolts!

Along with Pugh leading the cast as Yelena Belova, after being introduced in Black Widow and making an appearance in Hawkeye, Sebastian Stan will return as Bucky Barnes, David Harbour will be back as Red Guardian, and Wyatt Russell is making his big-screen debut as John Walker after being introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, among other Thunderbolts cast members. Harrison Ford has also joined the MCU as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross following the original actor behind the role, William Hurt, who died in 2022.

Thunderbolts is about a team of antiheroes who are brought together by the government to go on missions. The movie already has a set release date of May 5, 2025. It’s great to see Florence Pugh back as her Marvel character. Here’s hoping she keeps at it with these fun BTS videos from the set!