Flying coach, red meat and trucks: why Donald Trump Jr thinks he’s not the elite

Poppy Noor
Photograph: Rick Scuteri/AP

It is common knowledge that Donald Trump Jr, the son of the billionaire president, is just a regular guy. But now this truth is indubitable, because it turns out Don Jr flies coach.

“I am not an elitist … I like fishing, hunting, red meat, trucks and guns.
And yes, I usually fly coach,” he said in an Instagram post on Sunday.

Don Jr posted the statement alongside a screenshot from someone’s Twitter feed – presumably a fan of Trump’s – who praised his humble act of flying coach. “How cool is this?” tweeted Dennis Harms. He posted a photo of Don Jr sitting in the middle seat behind him, saying “Don’t anyone tell me the Trump family doesn’t know how real Americans live,” giving an entirely new meaning to the phrase “squeezed middle”.

In fact, 40% of Americans have never left the country, and a 2017 survey by Airlines for American found that most Americans hadn’t flown that year. Twelve per cent of Americans have never flown at all. Don Jr, on the other hand, spent about $125,000 on flights to Dubai in 2017 with his brother Eric. They were visiting a golf course (you know, golf, that notoriously working-class sport that costs over $1,000 on average to start playing?) But it is totally not elitist because he wasn’t paying for it – the taxpayer was! At least he left the private plane at home. Humble.

Oh, and by the way, about that super non-elitist hunting hobby of his. Don Jr’s regular trips to the Yukon mountains to hunt stone sheep are actually kind of pricey – one in August 2017 cost the Secret Service $16,600, according to Politico. And it looks like Don Jr didn’t even get a discount for staying at his father’s hotel – he spent $5,700 at the Trump International Hotel and Tower on that same trip. Which is official proof that Don Jr refuses to use his dad’s name to get a leg up. Just like all of the other non-elitist Americans who happen to be the president’s son.