Following His H.P. Lovecraft Movie, Suitable Flesh’s Director Is Working To Develop A Stephen King Adaptation

 Heather Graham falling in Suitable Flesh .
Heather Graham falling in Suitable Flesh .

When it comes to the world of horror, few names are as iconic as H.P. Lovecraft and Stephen King. So when a director who's made a name for himself in the horror movie world decides to tackle Lovecraft and King, it's time to sit up and pay attention. We're talking about none other than Joe Lynch, the creative mind behind the spine-tingling Lovecraft adaptation Suitable Flesh. The Everly filmmaker is not only riding high on the success of his Lovecraftian thriller but is also taking bold steps towards adapting a King story for the silver screen. In an exclusive interview, the filmmaker shared some exciting details about his journey into the eerie worlds of these legendary writers.

In an exclusive conversation with CinemaBlend's very own Eric Eisenberg, Joe Lynch gave us a sneak peek into his exciting new project. It all began when Stephen King, a fan of the director's work, reached out to Joe through X (formerly known as Twitter). He also treaded lightly as he discussed his own King adaptation:

I told Mr. King, because he had seen one of my movies, Mayhem, and also episodes of Creepshow that I did, and he reached out to me and talked to me on Twitter. So we have started a bit of a relationship. When you get emails from 'Steve,' it fucking blows your mind, right? I told him I will not quit until I get the chance to tell one of your stories. And there’s a bunch I have… there is one in particular, I don’t know if I can say it right now because I’m working on it right now. But I will not quit, seriously Eric, I will not give up until I at least get a chance to get my version of what Stephen King has contributed to me. He is one of the people who got me into this genre.

If that's not an enthusiastic fan, then I don't know what is. But the movie maker’s love for the celebrated author runs deeper than merely picking up his books randomly. As he tells it:

When my house was robbed whenever I was like 6, and the robber took everything but the hardcover copy of Christine, and when my mom was on the phone calling 9-11, I sat there and started reading it. It was the first time I had ever read Stephen King or anything, and it changed my life.

The Creepshow vet’s passion and dedication to bringing a Stephen King tale to life is apparent, and it's great to hear he's deeply committed to the project. While he remained tight-lipped about which story he's currently working on, he didn’t hesitate to leave us with a bit of a tease. He continued:

So many of his movies and his books and everything have really shaped who I am as a storyteller, so someday it's gonna happen. Maybe sooner than you think.

Joe Lynch’s Suitable Flesh serves as a spiritual successor to the beloved '80s classics Re-Animator (1985) and From Beyond (1986), which were both helmed by director Stuart Gordon. Drawing its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft's gripping short story, The Thing At The Doorstep, this latest cinematic tale of dread comes to life through the skillful pen of Dennis Paoli, the same brilliant mind behind the scripts of Re-Animator and From Beyond. Notably, the film boasts the presence of legendary scream queen Barbara Crampton. While fans of the best '80s horror movies may yearn for the inclusion of Jeffrey Combs, it's worth noting that every conceivable effort was made to involve him in the project.

Heather Graham steps into the shoes of Dr. Elizabeth Derby, a psychiatrist whose unsettling journey begins in a padded cell. Her poignant conversations with Daniella, portrayed by Barbara Crampton, revolve around her desperate attempt to convince Daniella that she is not battling psychosis. Though Dr. Derby's life takes a harrowing turn following a chilling session with her new patient, Asa, portrayed by Judah Lewis.

The creepy flick is already gaining a reputation as one of the standout horror films of the 2023 movie release schedule. It promises a pulse-pounding and chilling experience. It's available for viewing on demand or in select theaters beginning this weekend, making it an essential addition to your Halloween plans.

Judging by early reactions to Suitable Flesh, Joe Lynch appears more than capable of crafting a movie that could stand among the best Stephen King adaptations. The anticipation is palpable, and it's particularly intriguing to speculate about which of King's lesser-known tales he might be tackling. Could it be a cinematic take on the novella N? It seems fitting, considering N is already a cosmic horror homage to Lovecraft. "Ka is a Wheel," constant readers...

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