“It Follows” is getting a sequel titled “They Follow”, with director and star returning

“It Follows” is getting a sequel titled “They Follow”, with director and star returning

Maika Monroe is going back on the run.

The 2014 cult horror hit It Follows is getting a sequel, They Follow, that's slated to begin production in 2024. The indie film company Neon announced the news Monday, adding that It Follows star Monroe and writer-director David Robert Mitchell will both return for the sequel.

They Follow will presumably follow Monroe's character, Jay, through events following It Follows, though details on the follow-up are scarce.

The original film saw Jay attempt to escape a looming supernatural presence that ceaselessly stalked her after she had sex with her then-boyfriend (Jake Weary). The invisible, unnamed entity sought to kill the newest participant in a chain of seemingly cursed sexual encounters, which presented Jay with a difficult dilemma: run from the creature for the rest of her life or pass on the curse to a new victim. After several failed attempts to destroy the entity, It Follows ends ambiguously, with Jay and her friend Paul (Keir Gilchrist) having sex, shakily committing to facing whatever happens next together.

Lili Sepe and Maika Monroe in 'It Follows'
Lili Sepe and Maika Monroe in 'It Follows'

Everett Collection Lili Sepe and Maika Monroe in 'It Follows'

They Follow marks Mitchell's first project since his surreal 2018 neo-noir Under the Silver Lake, starring Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough, though he's also developing a project at Warner Bros. with Anne Hathaway that has yet to start production. Since the original It Follows, Monroe has appeared in films like Honey Boy, Independence Day: Resurgence, and The 5th Wave.

Neon is best known for distributing critically acclaimed movies like Parasite, I, Tonya, Spencer, Portrait of a Lady on Fire, and The Worst Person in the World. The company is distributing a number of awards contenders this year, including Michael Mann's Ferrari and Ava DuVernay's Origin.

Neon is co-producing They Follow alongside Good Fear Content, and the film will be presented to international buyers this week at the American Film Market.

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