Forget latte and strawberry beauty looks. Everyone wants to have 'tomato girl' makeup this summer.

  • The "tomato girl" makeup trend has become the go-to summer beauty look this year.

  • It involves using blush and other items to create a red-toned look with a sheen like the fruit.

  • The trend comes after latte-esque and strawberry-inspired beauty looks went viral on TikTok.

This summer, everyone wants their makeup to resemble a fruit. Or at least, have the rosy, sun-kissed essence of one.

If you've spent any time scrolling through makeup tutorials on TikTok lately, you've likely become familiar with the phrase "tomato girl makeup." And if you're like a lot of people, you've probably wondered, "What does that even mean?"

The trend is actually pretty simple. Tomato-inspired makeup is a look that typically features deep-red cheeks, freckles (faux is fine), and a slight glow — resembling the outer, shiny skin of a ripe fruit.

How to achieve the 'tomato girl' makeup look

While the tomato-inspired trend can be easily tailored to your personal beauty preferences, some techniques and products have become standard to achieve the look.

Most beauty fans start by applying a glowing foundation or concealer — sometimes both — to create a natural-looking base. Bronzer is then optional, but blush is key.

In most tutorials, you'll see people apply a rosy-red blush across their cheeks and up towards their temples, sometimes mixing a brown-toned one in the middle to add dimension.

From there, many people apply the same blush lightly to their eyelids and blot it on the lips, giving their makeup a cohesive look that really resembles the fruit.

Faux freckles are another optional but popular step, as are coats of lip gloss and cheek highlighter for an extra glow.

Food-inspired makeup is in

Before there was "tomato girl" makeup, latte and strawberry-inspired looks recently had moments in the spotlight — both popularized by model and Rhode founder Hailey Bieber.

The "latte makeup" look is a neutral one that focuses on brown tones across the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Shimmer is also a big part of the trend, with beauty fans using glistening eye shadows and glitter powders to create the aesthetic.

The "strawberry girl" makeup look, on the other hand, is almost identical to the tomato-inspired trend. It involves using blush and other products to achieve glowing skin with a berry tint and faux freckles that resemble strawberry seeds.

But while tomato-inspired makeup requires the use of deep-red and brown-toned blushes, strawberry ones are created with red blushes so vibrant they're almost pink.

And in previous years, you might remember the "glazed donut" trend, where beauty fans were eager to achieve skin so glowy that it rivaled the icing of sweet treats.

With four months left in the year, any food could be the next snack-turned-makeup-look. But for now, you might want to try the rosy, fruit-inspired look that's all the rage.

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