Former Swedish health chief says no-lockdown policy 'hasn't been the smartest'

Staff writer

Sweden's lockdown-free strategy to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic is a global outlier.

Business Insider reports the Nordic country has a soaring death rate, with many of the oldest, frailest people left vulnerable to catching the virus.

According to The Sun, the country has the highest coronavirus death rate in the world per capita over the last week after continuing to shun lockdown.

Former state epidemiologist Annika Linde says in hindsight, Sweden probably should have instituted a lockdown after all.

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"I think we're starting to see that the Swedish model maybe hasn't been the smartest in every respect," former Swedish state epidemiologist Annika Linde said.

"If we had to do this over again, I think we should have imposed significantly tougher restrictions from the beginning.

"We should have known how underprepared we were in healthcare, and elder care. A shutdown could have given us a chance to prepare ourselves, think things through, and radically slow the spread of infection."