'Formula 1 Drive to Survive—The Unofficial Companion' Is a Fun Crash Course for Any F1 Fan

dts unofficial companion
'DTS' Unofficial Companion Is a Crash Course in F1Jack Fitzgerald - Car and Driver

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Whether you've never watched a Formula 1 race, or you can recite every F1 world champion dating back to Giuseppe Farina, Stuart Codling's new book, Formula 1 Drive to Survive—The Unofficial Companion is a fascinating crash course on the world's most popular motorsport.

F1 has an unfortunate history of gatekeeping, as well as pushing new fans away from enjoying the sport. The massive boom in American viewership since Netflix released the first season of Drive to Survive has helped the sport chip away at these issues.

dts unofficial companion book
Jack Fitzgerald - Car and Driver

F1 still has room for improvement, though, as the push for more extravagant events has left many fans (especially those who can't afford race tickets) feeling cold and unappreciated. At the same time, Drive to Survive offers fascinating insights into the sport of F1, giving fans new and old alike more access than ever to the paddock.

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Codling's book builds on the behind-the-scenes format of the show, and it fills in the gaps that a relatively short docuseries can't cover. Before even cracking open the book, fans are rewarded with eye-catching photography showcasing a celebratory Max Verstappen on the front cover and the incredible teamwork of the Ferrari pit crew on the back cover.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Once inside, Codling does a great job of catering to readers of all knowledge levels. If you've never caught a race, but want to be more knowledgeable for chats at the watercooler, then this book offers the key information you'll need to get up to speed on the world of F1 racing. The information is well laid out, with seven chapters focused on different aspects of the sport.

Chapter one focuses on the incredible people behind the sport, and it is a fantastic trip down memory lane for fans of the first season of Driver to Survive. Prominent team principals, such as Red Bull's Christian Horner and Renault's Cyril Abiteboul, are featured, as are some lesser-known figures in the sport, including Matt Deane, Mercedes's chief mechanic.

dts unofficial companion
Jack Fitzgerald - Car and Driver

A Brief History

Subsequent chapters explore a wide range of topics. This includes historical greats such as Juan Manuel Fangio, Ayrton Senna, and Michael Schumacher, and the specific cars they drove, including Schumacher's F2004 with its 29 podium finishes and 15 race victories.

For those curious about the more practical side of the sport, Codling explores the technical aspects of F1. He even devotes an entire chapter to the historical development of the cars, dating back to the early Grand Prix racing days.

dts unofficial companion
Jack Fitzgerald - Car and Driver

In total, the 188-page book delves into the people, history, and logistics that make up the most popular motorsport in the world. Look for Formula 1 Drive to Survive—The Unofficial Companion to go on sale on May 23, 2023.

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