Formula 1's Alpine Move Into New Territory With Electric 'Hot Hatch'

Formula 1 and sports car firm Alpine are moving into unusual territory by making an electric hot hatchback. The firm has made sports cars since the 1950s and competed in F1 since 2020. Now, regular drivers can get a taste of Alpine speed with the A290_ß. Laurent Rossi, CEO, Alpine, says: “The A290_ß is the first stage in Alpine’s new era”. “This urban show car has rewritten the playbook for electric hot hatches,” he adds. “The A290_ß is tapping into its rich legacy and ushering Alpine into the future, with an everyday experience of the motorsports spirit that has inspired the brand since its inception”. The Greek letter beta indicates an intermediate phase working up to the production vehicle’s official launch in 2024. The aim of the car’s design, materials, and technology is to lead the way in creating a new generation of electric cars that are just as suited to whizzing around a track as they are practical on the road for everyday drives.