Fourth and final Expendables movie confirmed

Expendables... fourth movie appears to have been confirmed - Credit: Millennium Films/Lionsgate
Expendables… fourth movie appears to have been confirmed – Credit: Millennium Films/Lionsgate

The fourth and final movie in Sylvester Stallone’s ‘Expendables’ series has been confirmed.

‘Expendables 4’ has been talked about for a while now, but now it appears it’s all systems go, with the movie’s go-ahead seemingly confirmed by its appointment of a German distributor, Splendid Film, which released the first three movies.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stallone will be back as muscle-bound mercenary Barney Ross, with Jason Statham reprising Lee Christmas and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Trench Mauser.

Which of the other crew-members will be back for a fourth outing is not yet known, but Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews all featured in the first three movies.

The first two movies did relatively decent business at the box office, the second in particular making $300 million (£242 million).

But the third did considerably less well ($214 million – £173 million), thanks in part to toning down its action from an R-rating, as in the case of the first two movies, to PG-13.

Credit: Millennium Films/Lionsgate
Credit: Millennium Films/Lionsgate

Stallone said that this move harmed the franchise, adding: “Absolutely unequivocally yes. I believe it was a horrible miscalculation on everyone’s part in trying to reach a wider audience, but in doing such, diminish the violence that the audience expects. I’m quite certain it won’t happen again.”

Rumours began that Steven Seagal was being sought for a role back in September, and that Sly fancied Jack Nicholson for the villain.

Amusingly, Pierce Brosnan said back in 2014 that he’d agreed with producer Avi Lerner to appear in an ‘Expendables’ movie.

“I have no idea which one it would be, I just said yes. It could be [Expendables 7],” he said.

In the meantime, Millennium Films has been working on a female-led movie, called ‘The ExpendaBelles’, since 2012.

The status of that project is currently unknown.

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