Foxx embraces inner nerd for Spider-Man sequel

A week after the stunning images of Jamie Foxx as new Spider-Man villain Electro emerged online, the first official pictures of the 'Django Unchained' star as Maxwell Dillon have been released.

With a pair of less-than-flattering specs, half-mast trousers and a thinning pate, Electro's alter-ego (or should that be the other way around?) looks to be going for all-out geek chic.

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In the background we also see a glimpse of what may be an obsession with Spider-Man, though at the moment the plot is being kept under wraps.

Foxx has previously said that Dillon's 'whole life is just no one talking to him', and that he somehow comes to think that he is Spider-Man's partner.

Matters seemingly then take a darker turn...

In the comic books, Dillon is a lineman involved in an electrical accident which causes a change in his genetic make-up, turning him into a human capacitor.

The first pics of director Marc Webb's vision of Electro were revealed last week, with Foxx looking spooky under a hoodie with a glowing blue face.

As yet, there's still no sign of Paul Giamatti, who is playing Rhino in the film, but there is an official glimpse of the new Harry Osborn.

Previously played by James Franco in the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy, the role of Peter Parker's best friend (who later becomes his mortal enemy) has now gone to Dane DeHaan, star of the budget smash 'Chronicle'.

Meanwhile, Osborn's father Norman, head of the Oscorp conglomerate, will be played by Chris Cooper.

Emma Stone returns as Gwen Stacey, while Shailene Woodley comes in to complicate matters as Mary Jane Watson, and Andrew Garfield once more dons the mask as Spidey.

But there's still an excessively long time to wait... it's not due out until May 2, 2014.

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