FP Movement to Launch ‘Stand Out, Never Still’ Campaign

FP Movement, Free People’s activewear brand, will launch its largest campaign to date Monday titled, “Stand Out, Never Still.”

In collaboration with agency Anomaly, the campaign takes inspiration from the spirit of a pink sheep named Tilly, who deviated from her pack. Tilly becomes the symbol of the FP Movement Community, a collective of individuals unafraid to embrace their uniqueness.

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Appearing alongside Tilly are five year-long FP Movement ambassadors and 2024 Olympic hopefuls: Annie Kunz (who holds the American shot put record in the heptathlon and competed in the Olympic Games in Tokyo); Dominique Routolo (track and field athlete on the USC team, who does outdoor and indoor triple jump); Jess Hunter (sprint hurdler from Team Great Britain); Jessie Knight (Olympian and five-time British champion in the hurdles and relay), and Quanesha Burks (professional track and field athlete specializing in long jump and short sprints who competed in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo and is a three time U.S. champion).

A campaign image from FP Movement.
A campaign image from FP Movement.

The campaign will run on connected TV on Hulu, Peacock, and YouTube TV, out-of-home and in magazines such as Elle, Runner’s World and Vogue. Ads were shot by director Diego Contreras, represented by production company Love Song, and photographer Frankie Carino.

One of the videos, for example, shows a pink Tilly, separated from her pack of white sheep, and hurdling and running ahead of the athletes.

“In a sea of black leggings, FP Movement has vibrant, can’t-miss-its energy,” said Lucy Logan, associate creative director of Anomaly. “They’re like the black sheep of the family, except this sheep is colorful. So, Tilly the stand-out pink sheep was born. And just like FP Movement athletes, Tilly follows her joy and makes moves.”

FP Movement’s first stand-alone store opened in Los Angeles in 2020 and the brand currently has 37 locations in the U.S., with plans to open at least 25 additional stores in 2024.

In the third quarter of fiscal year 2024, FP Movement had 49 percent growth, resulting in more than 50 percent new customer growth for the brand in the same period.

FP Movement's new campaign.
FP Movement’s new campaign.

“FP Movement’s continued growth has been exciting to watch. Throughout the years, our business has thrived by catering to different activities, including racquet sports, hiking, skiing and running. This campaign showcases our true run apparel on Olympic hopefuls who represent the brand ethos of standing out in their field,” said Jack Reynolds, chief marketing officer.

FP Movement is part of Urban Outfitters Inc.

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