Freak hail and thunder storms bring summer to an abrupt end in Yorkshire - leaving the streets under a white blanket

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Freak hail and thunder storms have brought summer to an abrupt end in Yorkshire - leaving the streets under a white blanket.

Stunning images and video captured the thunderstorm and the aftermath, which left sleet, snow and sludge on roads yesterday (Thurs).

Parts of Leeds, West Yorks., were hit with a freak storm which saw "hail the size of golf balls" falling on streets.

Thunder and lightning also hit parts of the city with localised flooding reported on roads and power supplies cut off.

Carey Davies, who captured footage of the storm, said: "Raging thunderstorm, electricity gone, world instantly turned into winter. Another classic 2020 prank."

Ian Cormack snapped a shocking picture of sleet and sludge on the road after his usual 30 minute commute home from work took three times as long.

He said: "I was driving home and it usually takes around half an hour, it took me an hour and half, it was that bad.

"The roads were full of sleet, snow and hail, I had to divert and go a longer way round.

"I parked up my car and took the picture, it was pretty shocking to be honest.

"When I left Keighley at 4.30 it was fine but when I got to Ilkley Moor, there was a storm and it was three degrees.

"I've never seen anything like it in September. It's just typical of this year, it's peak 2020."

Sam Griggs took pictures of her street covered under a white blanket of hail and said: "Hail like I've never seen it!"

Cyclist James Ward tweeted a photo of Hawksworth Moor looking towards Bingley after the storm had passed and said: "Winter arrived a bit quicker than planned."

Meanwhile in Hedon, East Yorks., a stunning lightning strike was captured on camera.

High winds and heavy rain battered the county during a brief storm.

Just days earlier, Brit basked in glorious sunshine as temperatures soared.

One social media user said: "From beautiful weather to this in just two days, can't make it up."

Another added: "This is typical of 2020".