Freelancers twice as likely to suffer from depression than office workers, study finds

Freelancers disproportionately suffer from depression, as a result of loneliness, survey finds. Photo: Thought Catalog/Unsplash

Freelancers are twice as likely to suffer from depression than office-based workers, research suggests.

In a survey of 1,500 Brits, conducted by office stationery and furniture suppliers Viking, nearly three in five (56%) of freelancers admitted to struggling with depression as a result of their job, compared to just three in 10 of those who work out of an office.

This is likely a result of spending long days working alone, with 64% of freelancers saying they regularly feel lonely due to their work.

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In fact, 53% of freelancers cited “feeling lonely at work” as one of the worst aspects of being a freelancer.

A lack of support for mental health issues was also one of the most-cited issues, showing that freelancers feel unsupported in this area.

The study found freelancers are more likely to feel stressed due to work, at 62%, compared to 55% of office-workers.

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This could be because they find it harder to switch off from work, the study suggests.

Three in 10 freelancers take their work laptop on holiday, with over half (54%) reading work emails, and 48% replying to them. 

In comparison, less than half (13%) the number of office-based workers take a laptop away, 36% read emails, and 30% reply. 

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Just 15% of freelancers said they avoid work altogether when on holiday, meaning 85% never take a complete escape from their day-to-day routine.

When it comes to office-based workers, 42% said they avoid work altogether.

Bob Huibers at Viking said:“Freelance working is often seen as the dream working scenario, where you can set your own hours, choose your own clients and avoid that dreaded daily commute. 

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“We were shocked to see that so many freelancers suffer from mental health problems linked to their work, the solitary nature of being a freelancer and feeling unable to switch off on holiday.

“This research shows how it’s vitally important to get the right work-life balance and look after your mental health, no matter what industry you work in.”