French filmmaker Chris Marker dies aged 91

Ben Skipper
Yahoo UK Movies News

Influential French filmmaker Chris Marker has died at the age of 91.

He died on Sunday (29 July) on his 91st birthday.

His influential 1962 sci-fi ‘La Jetée’, which translates to The Jetty or The Pier in English, was remade in 1995 as ’12 Monkeys’ by Terry Gilliam.
Largely political, he made over 50 films over the course of a career that spanned six decades.

His other famous works include documentary ‘Cuba Si’, a profile of Fidel Castro, and ‘Sans Soleil’, an innovative travel documentary that blended fact and fiction.

Marker adopted modern technologies in his later years, releasing his final film, a short entitled ‘Leila Attacks’, online in 2007.

Fiercely private, the auteur would often shirk interviews and endeavoured to maintain his privacy.

President of the Cannes film festival Gilles Jacob described Marker as a "curious spirit, an indefatigable film and video maker, a cat-loving poet, a secret person and an immense talent."