Frozen features two hidden Disney cameos

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Frozen features two hidden Disney cameos

Disney's Frozen has already had a record breaking opening week in the US

New Disney movies often take advantage of the company's long and illustrious history by including sly hidden nods to their previous cinematic efforts.

Disney's latest effort, 'Frozen,' is no different and includes two cameos from one of the company's most recent projects. If you want to avoid these little SPOILERS then you should probably avert your gaze now.

Two characters from 2010's 'Tangled' feature for a brief moment in 'Frozen.' Only eagle-eyed viewers will have spotted Rapunzel and her love interest, Flynn Rider, who is known as Eugene, though, because they are on screen for a matter of seconds.

A Facebook discussion between 'Tangled's' co-director, Nathan Greno, and one hawk-eyed fan confirmed that Rapunzel and her beau feature in 'Frozen.'

The anonymous moviegoer sent Greno a screenshot that he believed featured the duo, writing, "Hello! I was wondering if this truly is both Rapunzel AND Eugene in Frozen!"

Greno noted that it looked like her before confirming, "I checked … yep, they added our girl in that shot! Good eye!" He then admitted that he "didn't know" that Rapunzel had been added to 'Frozen's' ensemble.

However, as Greno didn't confirm that Eugene was next to her, the Disney viewer decided to respond, "And is that Eugene next to her? On her right? Because it looks like a vest he would wear, and he has sideburns, a goatee, hair partially covering his ear, and loose strands near his forehead, just like Eugene!"

Greno then came back and declared, "Yep. That's Flynn! I asked someone who worked on that shot."

SlashFilm reported that the scene which features Flynn and Rapunzel takes place very early on in 'Frozen,' and occurs when Kristen Bell's Anna is singing, "For the First Time in Forever." The duo appear alongside numerous other commoners and royals as Anna waltzes around them.

Although Disney are yet to confirm the two characters' presence, the fact that Greno recognises them should be more than enough verification. 'Frozen' is released in the United Kingdom on Friday December 6.

Are you looking forward to 'Frozen'? What's your favourite Disney cameo?

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