Frozen Hand Drawn Concept Art Shows What Could've Been

Mike P Williams
Frozen Hand Drawn Concept Art Shows What Could've Been
(Credit: Disney)

The hype is finally dying down over the global hit that is 'Frozen', Disney's latest movie that's proven hugely popular the world over, so these latest concept art images are good to see how the film idea started out as 2D, hand drawn project. (Check them all out here.)

The Hans Christian Andersen story the film is adapted from took some time to forge the characters we see in the final film. Based on 'The Snow Queen', the original plan was to release the film as a hand drawn animation.

With the film in development for many, many years, it was the release of 'The Princess and the Frog' that killed the idea of the film coming to fruition in that respect due to its poor performance at the box office.

The team behind 'Frozen' then opted to enter the realms of CG filmmaking, with the idea of hand drawn films at Disney now seemingly a thing of the past. The decision to compete with the likes of DreamWorks Animation Studios and even, to an extent, Pixar, was a good move considering the enormous success the release garnered.

The concept art for 'Frozen's' memorable scenes in traditional Disney style are quite the sight, and are interesting to compare to the CG movie that it developed into.

The Mouse House have a long-standing reputation for making high quality, world-leading hand drawn animation, so it's a curious notion to image what 'Frozen' would've looked like if that idea had happened.

As you can see, the familiar scenes still exude a lot of charm, but would it have been as successful as the film eventually turned out?

What do you think of the original 2D concept drawings for 'Frozen'?

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