'Full House' 30th anniversary: 10 things you didn't know about the sitcom classic

Photo: ABC

On Sept. 22, 1987, ABC introduced America to the Tanner family with the premiere of Full House. Thirty years later, the show is still going strong — both in reruns and in the form of Netflix’s sequel series Fuller House. To mark this momentous TV milestone, Yahoo Entertainment asked Jeff Franklin, creator and exec producer of all things Full House, to share some little-known facts about the beloved series. 

We had no deal with the Olsen twins the first season. We thought maybe we were going to age up Michelle after Season 1, so we used the Olsen twins on a show-by-show basis the entire first season.

Peter Scolari, left, and Tom Hanks in Bosom Buddies. (Photos: Everett; Getty Images)

How I met Danny Tanner. In 1981, I produced a sitcom starring Tom Hanks called Bosom Buddies. The live-audience warmup guy was a 25-year-old up-and-coming comic named Bob Saget. Little did I know!

I did one cameo on Full House. In Season 3, Episode 6, I played a judge on Star Search when Joey Gladstone goes on the show. I never hired myself again.

Photo: Jeff Franklin Productions

How Kimmy Gibbler got her name. The last name “Gibbler” was also the last name of a kid I grew up with. I’m sure he’s honored.

The Tanners and the Beach Boys performed at the L.A. Coliseum. The concert footage used in Full House, though, was actually shot at a USC football game.

There was a 2015 Lifetime TV movie about Full House. If you happened to see it, rest assured that everything in it ranged from a little bit wrong to very wrong. But I loved it. The actor playing me [Matthew Kevin Anderson, below right] was better-looking than the actor playing John Stamos.

Jeff Franklin, left, and Matthew Kevin Anderson. (Photos: Getty Images; Bay Road Productions)

The owners of the Full House house in San Francisco did not like us. They did not appreciate fans visiting the house and would not let us shoot there again for 30 years, until I bought the house last year and gave Fuller House permission to use it.

The living room couch is the only surviving piece of furniture from the original show. It is still in use as the couch in Fuller House and has never been re-upholstered in 30 years. It may have been cleaned.

Photos: Getty Images; Netflix

John Fogerty played our Season 4 wrap party. His daughter Lindsey was a big Full House fan, and John would bring her to our tapings. They came to some of our parties, and John sang classic Creedence songs with Jesse and the Rippers.

Full House is a Virgo. Born on Sept. 22, 1987, Full House tends to be a perfectionist, well-dressed, overly sensitive, a hypochondriac, and enjoys being tickled on its belly … I should have stopped at nine things.

Fuller House Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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