FULL POST-MATCH REACTION: The view of Glenavon interim manager Gary McAlister after their 2-1 Sports Direct Premiership win over Carrick Rangers

Gary McAlister celebrates after Glenavon defeated Carrick Rangers. PIC: Alan Weir/Pacemaker Press
Gary McAlister celebrates after Glenavon defeated Carrick Rangers. PIC: Alan Weir/Pacemaker Press

Here were the thoughts of interim boss Gary McAlister following the match.

On thoughts after the match

"I’m delighted to get three points.

"It has been a tough week for everyone at the club, as has been well-publicised, with a manager who has been here a long time and who will go down as one of the greatest in the history of this club, if not the greatest.

"Gary is a great person and a lover of Glenavon.

"It’s hard to follow into that but it was straight into training on Thursday and then the match on Saturday.

"The lads reacted excellently, they really did.

"There was a great mood today in the changing room and when we went out there was a feeling of change in the air and the guys really stepped up.

"The red card early in the game puts a bit more pressure on because you’re expected to push on and win.

"Ultimately it’s about the three points and we got them so I’m happy.”

On inspired substitutions who combined for the first goal

"When you have players like Tags (Stephen Taggart) and AP (Aaron Prendergast) on the bench who can go and do something at the top end of the pitch you want to use them.

"AP I know very well – he came to the club when I was managing the U16s so I brought him here and know what he can do.

"He scored two on Monday so I spoke to him today and told him he had a part to play.

"It happened very quickly and we’re delighted.”

On the hectic week

"It was hectic.

"The news came out on Wednesday night about Gary and we came down to have a conversation with the chairman about what was going to happen.

"We knew at 11pm on Wednesday night that we would be taking training on Thursday night and it went from there.

"It’s a fast-moving sport and somebody has to step in.

"We were delighted to get that opportunity and that we were able to get the win today.”

On enjoying the whole experience of matchday

"It was great.

"I have been coaching for a long time across different levels so once you get in the changing room and on the pitch it feels the same.

"You don’t feel like you’re overawed or anything.

"Being on the pitch was natural and it didn’t feel massively different, except I’m going a bit hoarse now after talking to lots of people!”

On if there was something he tried to implement

"It’s difficult to try and put a stamp on things that quickly and this is just on an interim basis so we don’t want to change too much to what they are used to.

"We wanted them to have confidence and play.

"The 15-minute spell after half-time we played some lovely stuff up to the goal.

"If we can take anything out of it is that we’ve good players in this team and we need to utilise them the best we can and get them on the ball.”

On Gary Hamilton’s legacy

"Two Irish Cups, a series of third-placed finishes and he finished at least seventh every season, so there is no doubt he will go down as a legend.

"When you step back and look at his record and the players he has brought through, I don’t think anyone can question that.

"To have that opportunity to follow him, even for a short spell, is a real honour and something I’ll always remember.

"I learned a lot from Gary during my time here and he has built a legacy and put Glenavon as one of the top teams in this league.”

On any interest in the job full-time

"No, I’m happy enough with the Reserves.

"It has been an amazing experience and gave me an insight into something I might want to move towards, but I’m happy at this stage where I am.”