FULL POST-MATCH REACTION: The view of Linfield manager David Healy after their 3-0 Premiership victory over Newry City

Linfield's Matthew Fitzpatrick celebrates his goal during today's game at Newry Showgrounds, Newry.  Photo by David Maginnis/Pacemaker Press
Linfield's Matthew Fitzpatrick celebrates his goal during today's game at Newry Showgrounds, Newry. Photo by David Maginnis/Pacemaker Press

On half-time message (the Blues scored three in the second-half)

“We didn’t change anything.

"I wouldn’t say we spoke about being patient because the more patient you are, the longer you have to wait.

"We spoke about being more decisive. There were so many times in the first-half, especially on the far side, where we should have been brighter and smarter.

“We worked opportunities but didn’t put the ball into the box and when we did put it in the box it was in the wrong areas.

"We wanted more of a ruthless and clinical edge, which we got, and sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition and their staff in how they set up – they are never going to make it easy for you.

"I watched their game against Larne last week so we knew they weren’t going to roll over and let us have the points easy – we had to work for it.”

On making fewer mistakes in the conditions

"Even going in to most games something I have in my notes is the team that make the fewest mistakes probably win the game.

"We made fewer mistakes and there were a couple of times where Chris Johns to his credit was 100% switched on to pull us out of other people’s smaller errors which didn’t cost us a big mistake.

"The opportunities we scored from were clinical and no matter what level you are and who you play against, if you score three goals like we did it’s hard to come back from.

"I thought Fitzy’s work ethic and his honesty was brilliant today, not only for his goal but for the second – I know there were a few complaints about a foul but it certainly wasn’t.

"We got done with one last year when Sam Roscoe tried to shield the ball out of play at The Oval and if you try to do that on a pitch like this there’s a strong likelihood that it may stay in.

"Credit to Fitzy for taking that advice on board and he went to deal with that.

"He picked the right pass to give us a real comfort at 2-0.”

On Matthew Fitzpatrick

"There were one or two other times today where you hope he will turn and spin on them, but Fitzy plays in the team because we know what we get out of him – he’s honest and works hard.

"He knows we want him to score more goals but I also want defenders and midfielders to add more goals too.

"I’m so pleased for him to score today, especially the opener.

"If you get the third or fourth in a win sometimes it doesn’t mean that much, but getting the opener was crucial.”

On it being a day for grinding out a result

"I don’t think we played out from the back once today because it wasn’t conducive to that – it wasn’t the day for that or to be disrespectful to Newry.

"Great credit to Newry because the scenes that I seen earlier in the week I was fearing that we had no chance of playing, so great credit to them for the work in getting the game on.

"We had to win ugly. We’ve been to Loughgall, Carrick and Newry away now and it’s not about performances but winning matches and we’ve done that in all three.”

On adaptability of his squad to implement different styles

"It’s important that you find a way to win.

"It’s always nice, especially at Windsor, if you can play well and enjoy the game and everybody is enjoying the day out, but I enjoy it at 5:30pm after a match when we’ve won and we can enjoy the three points ahead of a big game against Glentoran on Tuesday night.”