There’s A Fun Connection Between Superman: Legacy And Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, According To James Gunn

 Peter Quill GoG VOL. 3, James Gunn announcing the gods and monsters chapter of DCU, Superman from All-Star Superman.
Peter Quill GoG VOL. 3, James Gunn announcing the gods and monsters chapter of DCU, Superman from All-Star Superman.

When it comes to upcoming superhero movies, few names come to mind like James Gunn's does. He leads one of the most anticipated DC projects, Superman: Legacy. He's also responsible for the revamped direction of upcoming DC movies, starting with "Chapter One: Gods and Monsters." Gunn recently took to social media to reveal an exciting connection between his latest Marvel flick, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and the forthcoming Supes film.

Taking to Instagram, the acclaimed director congratulated his incredible GotG Vol. 3 VFX team on their 2024 Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects. He also shared an insider tidbit that uniquely link the blockbuster to his Superman movie. His post not only celebrates a significant achievement for his Marvel Cinematic Universe family  but also teases what’s in store for fans in the newly formed DCU. The Peacemaker creator wrote:

Congrats to @stefceretti & the whole VFX team! Our VFX crew worked tirelessly from top to bottom to create photorealistic characters and outrageous worlds. The world fell in love with Lylla, Floor, and Teefs - not to mention Rocket and Groot - because of them. Audiences were enmeshed in the Orgoscope and Arête and Counter Earth because of their amazing partnership with our production design department. They’ve already won my heart - which is why I’m bringing nearly all of them to Superman Legacy. But I’m so happy they have this honor as well.

This is indeed a very sweet link between the two major IPs, and fans have plenty of reason to be excited. Let's talk about why that is, shall we?

Guardians of the Galaxy is A Cosmic Visual Feast

If you have watched the Marvel movies in order, you would know that James Gunn's films are unique in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3, along with its predecessors, is not just a regular movie; it's a visual delight that requires the audience to believe in the alien worlds and characters depicted on the screen. The Slither director's shout-out to Stef Ceretti and the entire visual effects team highlights the tremendous effort behind creating some of the most adored and visually stunning characters in recent cinema.

The team's ability to breathe life into CGI creations, from the photorealistic portrayal of Rocket and Groot to the introduction of new characters like Lylla, Floor and Teefs, has set a new benchmark in visual effects. This achievement is especially significant when the studio has been facing consistent complaints about CGI quality and VFX house working conditions. In general, there have been numerous stories over the past year about the VFX industry and precisely how it relates to Marvel Studios, making this Oscar nomination particularly meaningful.

James Gunn's team has created incredible and captivating fictional worlds that have entertained audiences worldwide, including the Orgoscope, Arête and Counter Earth, which are not just ordinary backdrops. Instead, they are fully immersive environments that transport viewers to the story's heart. Each setting is uniquely designed with intricate details that play an essential role in the narrative. This attention to detail makes Guardians Vol. 3 a visual masterpiece that surpasses the typical superhero genre and one of the best sci-fi movies of 2023. It also bodes well for what's come with the inaugural film of the DCU.

Superman: Legacy Will Mark The Start Of A New Era

James Gunn and DC released a video to YouTube that outlines vision for the DCU, including that for his latest flick. Aside from that, the Superman: Legacy cast is mostly in place. Still, we don’t know a lot about the flick. However, we know it won’t just be another chapter in the storied legacy of one of the most iconic superheroes; it's a fresh start under the visionary director.

The Super screenwriter’s recent announcement about bringing his seasoned VFX team from GotG Vol. 3 to work on Supes’ next big screen appearance excites this fan. The move signals a potential shift in visual style and storytelling from what we have come to expect from past Superman franchises, promising a blend of James Gunn's unique flair with the timeless appeal of the Man of Steel. The director’s decision to retain the same team responsible for the stunning visuals in Guardians suggests that the Big Blue Boy Scout's next outing might also feature innovative, cutting-edge special effects.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’s Oscar nomination is a significant testament to the lasting influence of the MCU on cinema. This recognition is significant for Marvel, given the recent doubts expressed by some fans over what they considered to be blockbuster disappointments. The Guardians franchise has been consistently successful in renewing faith in the franchise and superhero flicks, and let's hope the upcoming DC flick does the same.

You can check out the entire Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy by streaming it with a Disney+ subscription. Also, Superman: Legacy is expected to fly into theaters on July 11, 2025.