Futurama exclusive clip

Hermes Conrad comes up with a new plan to stop a global pandemic in "Rage Against the Vaccine"

The new episode of Futurama streams Monday, 4 September on Disney+

Video transcript

- Oh, shoot. I forgot to pick up a goat. Dwight, go across the hall and borrow goat from Mrs. Wilson.

- Pack your bags. We are going to New New Orleans.


- For Mardi Gras?

- No. Well, I mean, it happens to be Mardi Gras, but that's beside the point. I believe there are people there who could defeat this virus with voodoo.


- Dwight, go to your room right now. You are missing what powers you don't understand, husband. But I do.

- Then come with me, woman.

- You must listen to me because I grew up in a voodoo family, and zombiism killed my father then brought him back to life. We don't want anymore to do with that world.

- Then I'll have to seek out these practitioners of the dark arts on my own. Hopefully, they are near that place with the good beignets.

- Be very careful, husband. And promise me one thing. If you survive, you can't bring me back some of them beignets.