Donald Trump biopic in the work called 'The Apprentice'

Trey Williams
Gabriel Sherman to Write Donald Trump Film ‘The Apprentice’

Journalist Gabe Sherman, who wrote a book about Fox News, Roger Ailes and covered the sexual harassment accusations that engulfed news network, is now set to write the screenplay for an upcoming Donald Trump film titled The Apprentice.

Amy Baer, who’s Gidden Media company is producing the film, confirmed the news to TheWrap on Wednesday.

The film will look to explore Donald Trump’s unlikely rise to power and eventually, the White House, by detailing his early influences, including lawyer and mentor Roy Cohn.

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Sherman is also adapting his bestselling 2014 biography on Ailes and Fox News, called The Loudest Voice in the Room, into a limited series for Showtime. Blumehouse and Tom McCarthy (Spotlight) will executive produce. The project is in development and is titled Secure

and Hold: The Last Daysof Roger Ailes.

Sherman is repped by Ross Yoon Agency, M360 and Hotchkiss & Associates

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