‘Game Of Thrones’ director insists coffee cup mistake wasn’t his fault

Gregory Wakeman
Who is responsible for the infamous Game Of Thrones coffee cup?

Game Of Thrones director Lee Nutter has insisted that he isn’t to blame for the now infamous coffee cup mistake that was left in The Last Of The Starks, even though he directed the episode.

“The first thing I said [when I saw the reaction] was they had changed an angle of the take, so I wasn't there when they changed it, so I didn't blame myself, which was good,” Nutter recalled. “And then I looked to see if it was maybe mine — it wasn’t.”

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But while Nutter completely absolved himself of any blame for the incident, the director also opened up about why it became such a talking point.

“I think the show is so damn perfect in many respects that people love to find the blemishes, it's just a little non sequitur that doesn't really amount to anything at all,” told The Hollywood Reporter.

Emilia Clarke and the coffee cup

While that might be true for Game Of Thrones’ previous seasons, the eighth and final season of the show was deemed far from “perfect” by its legion of fans and critics.

In fact, while its seven previous seasons all scored at least 91% on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, and its lowest audience score was 85%, its eighth and final season scored just 58% from critics and 33% approval from audiences.

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Of course, the poor reaction to the end of Game Of Thrones is not David Nutter’s fault. Nutter, who has overseen 9 installments of the show since it debuted, actually oversaw arguably the most popular episode of its final run, the second episode of season 8, A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms.

Nutter’s comments thickens the plot over who is responsible for the coffee cup gaffe, and he is the latest name, after Sophie Turner and Emilia Clarke, to lay the blame elsewhere, with Turner previously insisting that it was Kit Harington’s fault because he is “lazy.”