'Game of Thrones' prequel might not be called The Long Night after all, as HBO tells off George R.R. Martin

Ben Arnold
Game of Thrones (Credit: HBO)

Last week, Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin revealed the name of the new prequel series which is set to start filming in the New Year.

But it seems he might have got a little bit ahead of himself in announcing that it will be called The Long Night.

And in a post to his blog, the writer appeared to be implying that he may have got a little heat from broacaster HBO over it.

“HBO has informed me that the Jane Goldman pilot is not (yet) titled THE LONG NIGHT,” he wrote.

“That is certainly the title I prefer, but for the moment the pilot is still officially UNTITLED. So… mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.”

George R. R. Martin (Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage)

He went on: “Elsewise, the pilot is coming along well, with casting falling into place. I could tell you more, but I am not supposed to. We also have a couple of other successor shows still in development, but I cannot tell you about those either. Sorry.”

However, he also added: “Hush hush, it’s Hollywood, they like news to come through officially approved channels out there.”

‘The Long Night’ refers to the period in Westerosi law that saw night fall for an entire generation.

Jane Goldman, the British screenwriter behind movies like Kick-Ass and the Kingsman series, is behind the show, which shoots its pilot episode soon.

So far announced for the cast are Naomi Watts, playing a charismatic socialite with a ‘hidden secret’, and Poldark star Josh Whitehouse in a lead role.

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