New Game of Thrones promo suggests Jon Snow could ride a dragon

Amy Blumsom
Jon Snow and Daenerys - HBO

A new Game of Thrones trailer released on TV has hinted that Daenerys’ dragons may have a new rider. The promo, a mixture of footage that has already been seen in previous trailers has been spliced with some new scenes, appears to show Varys and Tyrion looking up in slack-jawed wonder as the two remaining dragons fly above.

But, as fans have been quick to point out, the pair have already encountered Daenerys’ "children", so why the surprised look? Some believe that they are looking on in awe as Jon Snow mounts Rhaegon, the last riderless dragon of the brood.

In the official trailer, released last month, we saw Jon approach the dragons, getting closer than most would dare.

We don’t actually see Jon on a dragon, so many will be sceptical. But Marvel Studios have previously digitally manipulated trailer footage to prevent eagle-eyed viewers from spoiling any plot twists, so it’s perfectly plausible that the secretive Game of Thrones team would do something similar -- or cut the shot entirely.

Equally, Varys and Tyrion might have just had their first glimpse of Viserion as an ice dragon.

We also see Daenerys standing in front of a fireplace with her back pensively turned to Jon. Perhaps she’s just received some bad news, such as her new beau is actually her nephew (and a rival claimant to the Iron Throne).

Another new bit of footage is Tyrion speaking in Winterfell’s great hall, with Dany and Sansa sat behind at the top table. Presumably he’ll be rallying the troops for the coming war, just as he did before the Battle of the Blackwater.

Arya also seems to be taking to the battlefield, which seems to suggest she won’t just be sneaking around as an assassin any more but taking on a front-and-centre role in the Great War.

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Do you think Jon will ride a Dragon? What are some other Game of Thrones fan theories  that would you like to see come true? Tell us in the comments section below.