GameStop: The best memes about Reddit, Wall Street and trading

Chelsea Ritschel
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The best memes about the GameStop Wall Street saga  (Getty Images)
The best memes about the GameStop Wall Street saga (Getty Images)

This week, Reddit users managed to successfully push up the value of gaming retailer GameStop after a call to action from both Elon Musk and subreddit r/WallStreetBets.

As a result, hedge funds lost a lot of money, while many new Wall Street investors found themselves significantly wealthier after the company’s stocks jumped to $230.

On social media, the apparent success and ensuing chaos caused in the stock market has been met with amusement, with many creating new memes finding the humour in GameStop’s sudden and unprecedented value.

In one meme shared on Twitter, which has since been liked more than 721,000 times, Sesame Street’s big bird sits at a conference table with men sitting in front of their open laptops.

“GameStop sitting amongst Tesla and Amazon after Reddit users make it a Fortune 500 company,” the caption reads.

Another person joked that the wealth they accumulated from purchasing stock in GameStop was enough to allow them to retire.

“My retirement plan is simple: four days ago I started trading exactly one stock,” they wrote.

Others asked the internet for help understanding the Wall Street GameStop situation, with one person tweeting: “Can someone explain the GameStop thing to me like I’m five?”

The stock surge also prompted jokes about Reddit users surpassing Tesla’s CEO as the wealthiest person in the world, as well as memes about hedge fund investors having to learn what budgeting is and comparisons to the film The Wolf of Wall Street.

These are some of the best memes that have arisen out of the GameStop Wall Street saga.

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