Gangster Squad release postponed following shootings

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

Warner Bros is postponing the release of period mob thriller 'Gangster Squad', due to scenes which feature a massacre in a cinema.

The studio was said to be planning re-shoots for the film because of the nature of the scene in light of the shootings in Denver last week.

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Now it has emerged that the release date, which was set for September in the US and November in the UK, has been moved entirely to accommodate the changes.

It's likely that the film will now be released in January instead, due to the complex schedules of the film's stars.

Among them are big-hitters like Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

The offending scene features a group of agents with machine guns opening fire on an audience from the other side of a cinema screen.

It also featured in the trailer.

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