Gary Barlow can't remember the lyrics to his most famous songs

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  • The legendary Gary Barlow joined Cosmopolitan UK for a game of Trials and Trivialations in which he had to answer trivia questions about himself and his career.

  • He scored a lacklustre 5/11 and failed to recognise two of his own iconic songs.

Having written literally 100s of songs (not to mention 15 number one singles), it's understandable that Gary Barlow might not remember every single one of his lyrics. But obviously we put him to the test anyway. We caught up with Gary over a game of Trials and Trivialations, where he answered trivia questions about his life and career.

The Take That star got off to a promising start by correctly identifying his bandmate Howard Donald's middle name (Paul, FYI) and remembering the sequin suit he wore in Take That's 'Relight My Fire' video. But, sadly, it all went spectacularly downhill from there.

When asked to identify the song behind the lyrics 'I'll try to be strong, believe me', Gary admitted to being "embarrassingly bad at (recognising) his own songs." He then incorrectly guessed that the lyrics were from his 1993 hit 'Pray', which tbh is an insult to the absolute belter of a song, 'Patience', that the lyrics are actually from.

After correctly identifying when Robbie Williams left Take That (July 1995) and that Louise Redknapp (then Louise Nurding) helped him co-present an award to Robert Miles at the 1997 Brit Awards, Gary was asked if he could remember the lyrics that follow 'If you stay with me, girl...' (he couldn't).

We knew it was game over when he said it sounded like one of his early songs and "something (he'd) never write nowadays". He guessed the answer was 'Sure', the lead single from Take That's third studio album Nobody Else, but not only were the lyrics not from 'Sure', that wasn't even the question! You're supposed to finish the lyric, Gary! *sigh*

The correct answer was, of course, 'we can rule the world'. It's like he didn't even watch Stardust?!

Gary Barlow's new album 'Music Played By Humans' is out now.

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