Gary Goldsmith will share 'loads of family anecdotes' on Celebrity Big Brother

Gary Goldsmith reveals his Celebrity Big Brother plans credit:Bang Showbiz
Gary Goldsmith reveals his Celebrity Big Brother plans credit:Bang Showbiz

Gary Goldsmith plans to share "loads of family anecdotes" on 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

The 58-year-old millionaire businessman - whose niece is Catherine, Princess of Wales - has insisted his family can "trust" him to "play the game well", and he wants to shine a light on some "really lovely" stories from the royal's early life.

Speaking before going onto the ITV reality show, he told The Sun newspaper: “It’s all lovely stories. There’s loads of family anecdotes and I’ll share them all because they’re all really lovely.

“I remember holding Kate for the first time and her playing in the garden and having water fights. We’ve got loads of fun stuff we did together when she was growing up.

“Who was to think that little girl would end up our future Queen?

Despite his good intentions, he admitted he can see why his sister Carole will be feeling "slightly anxious" about his stint in the CBB house.

He added: “I think she [Carole] will probably be watching me from behind the sofa, slightly anxious, but I do think if the best version of Gary turns up, she’d be very proud of me — that’s what we were hoping for.”

Gary even thinks Kate will be tuning in if she hears that he's "doing great", although he could see her turning over if things take a different turn.

He said: "Could you imagine if George and Charlotte watch? I mean it’s the type of show that a family could watch. But it’s past the watershed and will they be asleep by then?

“Maybe if I’m doing a weird task, Uncle Gary dressed as a chicken or something. But if I make people proud, I’ll be absolutely chuffed and maybe they’ll get to see it.

“But I need to work on my potty mouth first. I swear a lot.”