Gary Sinise overwhelmed by star-studded thank you video after raising millions for veterans

Gary Sinise (Credit: Build)
Gary Sinise (Credit: Build)

Gary Sinise got all choked up after famous Hollywood chums and war heroes came together to pay tribute to his tireless work for war veterans.

Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro, Rob Lowe, Steve Buscemi, Jay Leno, Miyam Bialik, Judd Apatow, Ron Howard, and former defence secretary Colin Powell featured on a video message for the Forrest Gump actor, which was unveiled to him yesterday by staff at his charity, the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Celebrating 25 years since he played paraplegic war veteran Lt Dan Taylor in the movie classic, Sinise tweeted that he was left ‘shocked and speechless’ by the tribute.

“Completely shocked and speechless by this surprise video. Incredibly touched and grateful by everyone’s support. I’m crying, so choked up,” he wrote.

Sinise, who is from a long line of war veterans, has devoted 40 years of his career outside of acting to raising money for those in need, long before playing his memorable role in Forrest Gump in 1994, appearing on countless USO tours and organising fund-raising events.

He’s played over 400 free concerts around the world with his Lt. Dan Band, and also raises money for first responders in the US who have faced adversity in the line of duty, notably after the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

The charity, which helps build adapted smart homes for disabled veterans and sends military families to Disney World, now raises $30 million a year.

“If every person in every neighbourhood around the country took a little bit of responsibility for patting these folks on the back, all the problems that we hear about with regards to veterans not getting services or falling through the cracks would disappear,” he told People, who caught his reaction to the video on camera.

“If citizens would look at their freedom providers in a little bit different way.”

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