Gatorade's Newest Product Release Is ... Water

Gatorade Water Bottles
Gatorade Water Bottles - Gatorade

For years and years, people have wondered whether Gatorade is better than water. While it helps you stay hydrated with its colorful range of electrolyte-infused beverages, it's not an ideal replacement for H2O since it contains added sugars, calories, and artificial food dyes. Water is your best bet to stay hydrated all day, but now, the PepsiCo-owned sports drink company plans to take care of that as well.

Come 2024, fans will be able to get their hands on the brand's unflavored alkaline water called "Gatorade Water." According to USA Today, the water is infused with around 65 to 90 milligrams of sodium, which is much less than a standard bottle of Gatorade sports drink (It has around 270 milligrams of sodium per 20-ounce bottle). It has a PH level of 7 and up.

Gatorade portfolio president Mike Del Pozzo told USA Today that the product goes through a seven-step purification process. According to Gatorade's senior director of marketing, Emily Boido, athletes and people who lead an active lifestyle can consume Gatorade Water throughout the day (per People). It's supposed to taste "refreshing and crisp." The bottles are reportedly made out of recycled plastic.

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A New Player In The Growing Market Of Enhanced Water

Gatorade bottles
Gatorade bottles - Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

With their new offering, Gatorade plans to tap into the booming enhanced water market, valued at $6.7 Billion in 2022. Market Data Forecast speculates it will grow by 8.1% by 2028. "It became increasingly clear that athletes continue to be wellness-minded, and we have an opportunity (with Gatorade Water) to expand our portfolio," Del Pozzo told USA Today.

Despite the competition, Del Pozzo is confident that Gatorade Water will thrive, given the brand's popularity. Enhanced water is touted as beneficial for health, but according to experts, it doesn't necessarily provide added benefits since most people get all the necessary vitamins and electrolytes from their diet. Nevertheless, enhanced water can help with hydration and give an energy boost after a workout. Besides their new product, Gatorade has other sugar-free options, including Gatorade Fit, Gatorade Zero, and Gatorlyte Zero.

Meanwhile, the internet had a mixed reaction to Gatorade Water's upcoming release. "So it's bottled water, huh? Incredible the innovations people come up with these days!" one Twitter user sarcastically writes. "I hope the price of this mineral water [is in reach] for the middle to the lower classes," another user writes. Some thought the company was late in the fortified water game.

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