'My gay moms oppressed me': Daughter of LGBT parents takes swipe at haters in satirical video

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A daughter of gay parents shared the various ways her moms "oppressed" her growing up — and the tongue-in-cheek video is cracking people up across TikTok.

Sidney Clementine (@sidneyclementine) gained over 630 million views, 170,000 likes and 500 comments when she uploaded the satirical video to her account.

Now, much like the video of the cop dad who came home early to discover his wife's heartbreaking "betrayal," Sidney's twist-ending TikTok is going viral.

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"I was raised by gay moms growing up, and I want to tell you about the times that they did not accept me for who I was," Sidney's video begins.

She then begins to demonstrate all the ways she was "oppressed" during her childhood and teenage years — beginning with a bright-pink, scene-girl haircut.

"I was told that I could get the haircut if I chose to, it was my own head, but that I would look stupid. I felt oppressed," Sidney explains.

She then cuts to an image from Disney's Peter Pan in which the Darling children are flying through the night sky.

"I believed that if I jumped off of a high enough ledge, I could fly like they do in Peter Pan," said Sidney. "They did not allow me to do this. I'm not sure why. But once again, not accepting of my life choices."

Finally, Sidney cuts to an image of Zendaya as Rocky Blue in the Disney Channel TV series Shake It Up.

"I wanted to go to school dressed like the Disney teens... Lots of layers and clashing fabrics. I would have been a fashion icon," Sidney explains.

"Alas, my moms did not accept me for who I was meant to be. It was straight-phobia in its purest form, and you can't convince me otherwise."

In a follow-up video, Sidney explained that she recorded the now-viral TikTok in order to "poke fun at a very real reality" that she grew up with.

"Having a 'what about the children' mindset is a really great way to rebrand things like transphobia and homophobia as more altruistic characteristics, like 'protecting young children' and 'caring about others,'" she explained.

"What makes somebody a 'good' or 'bad' parent has absolutely nothing to do with their sexual orientation or gender identity," she went on to say.

"To those who are worried about LGBT parents adopting or having their own children, I grew up in a household with parents that I knew whoever I chose to date or whatever gender identity I identified with, I wouldn't be not accepted by my parents, and kicked out of the house simply for who I was. Can your kids say the same?"

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‘I’m so sorry you had to go through that…’

Many TikTokers were momentarily fooled by Sidney’s tongue-in-cheek video.

“I actually thought you were serious at first,” one user wrote.

“I’m so glad this was satire 😅😅,” another user laughed.

Others played along with her, sympathizing with her harrowing tale.

“This is truly traumatizing, I’m so sorry :(,” one user wrote.

“Wow. How dare they. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. Glad you got through it!” commented another user.

“I’m so glad you can live freely in your truth now that you’re an adult,” replied another.

Sidney’s video suggests that when it comes to raising kids, all parents generally want the same thing: to keep their children safe from physical harm, and to steer them away from making embarrassing choices during their teen years.

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