Gemma Arterton reveals studio filmed her exercising to ensure she lost weight

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Gemma Arterton was forced to lose weight for a role…

But Hollywood producers piled on the pressure by flying out a personal trainer… and even insisted on filming her at the gym to prove she was working out.

During an interview with The Guilty Feminist podcast, the 31-year-old British actress discussed Hollywood’s toxic attitude towards weight… and revealed that she was once filmed at the gym to prove to producers that she was exercising.

“There was one film that I was on and we were out in Morocco and a couple of weeks went past and they literally were like, ‘we need a personal trainer – stat,’” she explained. “They flew someone out overnight that gave up their whole life to be with me and be my personal trainer.”

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“You know when it’s like – ‘Is it that fucking bad that I need an emergency [it was as if they were] on speed dial – get that trainer out here now’.”

According to Arterton, producers on the un-named film would measure her, and even made comments about what she was eating… all of this, on top of hounding her personal trainer for regular updates.

“They’d measure me,” she explained. “They’d call up the personal trainer at like nine at night going: ‘Is she in the gym? And if she isn’t, why isn’t she in the gym?’.”

“And there was one day when I went to get some snacks, they have like snacks on set, and I went to get some apricots, some dried apricots and the man went, this big, fat, obese producer went: ‘I hope you’re not going to eat that.’ I said ‘Do you know what? I’m going to eat about all 20, then I’m going to go home and eat all the stuff in the mini bar and then I’m going to vomit it all up’.”

Unfortunately, Arterton did not reveal the film in question.

But she has previously discussed her experience of filming ‘Prince of Persia’ where she was forced to lose weight. And it sounds as though she suffered a similar experience.

“When I got that part they really tried to transform me,” she told GQ Magazine in 2010. “They sent me to a personal trainer, wanted to get my teeth done, hair extensions, make me look like somebody else.”

“Unless you’re really famous and successful, then they’re going to bully you into going to the gym,” she added. “It’s a side of the industry that I find uncomfortable.”

Gemma Arterton has starred in the likes of ‘Quantum of Solace’, ‘Prince of Persia’. ‘Byzantium’ and ‘The Girl with All the Gifts’.

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