Gen V review

Yahoo Entertainment's Roxy Simons gives her thoughts on Prime Video's superhero series Gen V

Video transcript

ROXY SIMONS: Hi, I'm Roxy from Yahoo UK. And this is my review of "Gen V."

[BLUDNYMPH, "LIGHTS OUT"] When in doubt, shut your mouth.

"Gen V" is a spinoff of "The Boys." And it's about a group of superheroes at Godolkin University who discover a dark secret.


The series is very similar to "The Boys" in that it is quite shocking and surprising. But I also thought it was very fun. And the cast do such a great job of bringing these new characters to life. Because the series is similar to "The Boys," sometimes it goes a little bit too far with its extreme violence and sexually explicit nature. But it is still interesting, and it will still excite you.


ROXY SIMONS: "Gen V" opens with a really shocking scene. And it will draw viewers in right away. I would give "Gen V" 4 out of 5 because it is outrageously fun, but sometimes it can go a little bit too far.

- (SINGING) It's lights out.

ROXY SIMONS: If you like "Invincible," "Euphoria," and of course, "The Boys," then you will love "Gen V." You can watch the series now on Prime Video. And you can read my review on Yahoo UK.