General Election polls 2019: Conservatives command 15-point lead over Labour with days to go

Ewan Somerville
The Tories are 15 points ahead of Labour in the latest Opinium poll: Getty Images

The Conservatives command a 15-point lead over Labour with days to go before the election, a new poll shows.

Boris Johnson sits on 46 per cent of the vote in the latest Opinium poll, ahead of Labour at 31 and the Lib Dems on 13.

The poll suggests that Labour have won back some pro-Remain voters who had drifted to the Lib Dems, while the Conservatives have hit a limit of Leavers supporting them.

When 2,003 UK people between December 4 and 6 were asked who they see as the best prime minister, Mr Johnson was up one point to 37 per cent, with the Labour leader sitting at 21.

Only 29 per cent can imagine Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister, while three in five cannot. This is compared to 34 and 56 at this point in the 2017 election.

Public satisfaction for Mr Corbyn is unchanged on last week’s Opinium poll at 29 per cent, while Mr Johnson has decreased by two points in the last seven days to 28.

The Tory leader said the election was "closer than many people think" and suggested that if the SNP and Lib Dems win six more seats each, Mr Corbyn could then become prime minister.

"And this would mean another broken hung Parliament, with every day next year a Groundhog Day in Parliament," he wrote, in a letter published by the Mail on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spoke of people having "the chance to vote for hope".

As he vied for votes, he said the electorate has "the chance to grasp a once-in-a-generation opportunity for real change".

In pledges for the day, the Conservatives have outlined their immigration plans in more detail, in which they would introduce an Australia-style points based system.

Earlier today, Mr Johnson refused to say whether he would quit should the Tories fail to win the general election.

The PM's decision to push for the snap vote could see Jeremy Corbyn make his way into Number 10, which would see Mr Johnson one of the shortest-serving PMs in British history.

Despite polls putting the Conservatives ahead, the prime minister has said he believes there is a real prospect of a Labour and SNP coalition coming into power.

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