General mobilization in Russia possible after 2024 elections — Danilov

Mobilization in the Russian Federation
Mobilization in the Russian Federation

Russia remains committed to its objective of destroying Ukraine as a nation and is preparing for a protracted war, meaning that the Kremlin could order a general mobilization after the presidential elections in March 2024, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) secretary, Oleksiy Danilov, said on Nov. 20.

During his speech at the Halifax International Security Forum, Danilov noted that Russia has managed to adapt to the sanctions imposed by Western countries in response to its invasion of Ukraine and continues to invest heavily in its defense sector.

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“Russia has proven to be more resilient to Western sanctions than expected,” said Danilov.

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“The country's economy is increasingly shifting to a war footing. A possible general mobilization could come after the 2024 elections.”

The official also pointed out that the presidential elections in Russia on March 17 next year will serve as a "milestone" for the Kremlin.

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"After [Russian dictator Vladimir] Putin’s re-inauguration, the regime will be essentially cemented, allowing him a free rein," he stated.

In this context, Danilov added that Ukraine and the international community have "3−4 months to prepare accordingly."

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