‘Genius’ Trump song parodying Broadway hit ‘Seasons of Love’ goes viral

Louis Chilton
·2-min read
Trump dances for a crowd after speaking at a rally in October 2020 (Getty Images)
Trump dances for a crowd after speaking at a rally in October 2020 (Getty Images)

A parody of the hit Broadway musical song “Seasons of Love”, written about Donald Trump, has gone viral on social media.

The recently impeached Trump is stepping down from office later today (20 January) with Democratic president-elect Joe Biden poised for inauguration.

Re-worded and performed by comedian and singer Randy Rainbow, the song, entitled “Seasons of Trump”, offers a humorous look back at Trump’s time in office.

The original version was featured in the 1996 musical Rent.

The opening refrain ("five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes") has been altered to reflect the length of Trump’s tenure.

“Two million a hundred two thousand four hundred minutes,” sings Rainbow at the start of the track. “With just one president so unhinged and unfit / Two million a hundred two thousand four hundred minutes / How do you measure a year of this s***?

“In scandals, impeachments, in porn stars, in Scaramuccis / In rallies, in insurrections, in flies,” he continues, juxtaposing the last lyric with a picture of a fly landing on the head of Mike Pence during last year’s vice presidential debate.

The chorus, which usually includes the phrase “seasons of love”, is altered to instead go, “treasons of Trump”.

Reaction to the parody song has been fulsome, with the artist’s original tweet amassing more than 135,000 likes and over 50,000 retweets and quote tweets.

Actor Whoopi Goldberg responded to the video, writing: “I can't thank you enough for everything you’ve done to keep us informed, aware, laughing,& singing out loud you've made so many of my days better.”

“Proud of you. You helped us through this hell thank you,” wrote Rosanna Arquette.

Actor Rebecca Front wrote: “This made me weirdly emotional. @RandyRainbow, you’ve been a mirrorball of gorgeous light in the grim, relentless darkness. Thank you, sir.”

“You didn't think @RandyRainbow would post another genius video without me retweeting it, did you?” wrote Star Wars star Mark Hamill. “(Bonus: that Nun hit a high note that made my dogs bark!)”

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