George Lucas gets engaged

Star Wars director to wed girlfriend of seven years

Congratulations to George Lucas. The iconic filmmaker has finally popped the question to long-term girlfriend Mellody Hobson.

This will be 68 year-old Lucas’ second marriage since his divorce from Oscar winning ‘Star Wars’ editor Marcia Lou Griffin back in 1983. It will be Hobson’s first.

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'The force is strong with this one'... Lucas and fiancé Hobson (Credit: Wenn)
Even though a $4bn mouse-shaped cheque recently appeared in Lucas’ account, there can be no accusations that Mellody is in it for the money. The 43 year-old business woman is the director of the Starbucks Corporation, Estée Lauder and Groupon, and chairman of Dreamworks Animation. She’s hardly pinched for pennies.

The couple met at a conference back in 2006.

No word yet on the date, but don’t be surprised if the registrar is green screened in later.