George Lucas to open art museum

Ben Arnold
Yahoo UK Movies News

George Lucas is opening an art museum in San Francisco.

The filmmaker will exhibit art from his own collection of over 1000 works, including paintings by Norman Rockwell and Maxfield Parrish, some of whose work was used as inspiration for the design of 'Star Wars'.

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He plans to build the museum on a plot of land overlooking the city's famous Golden Gate Bridge.

“There is a world of young people who need to be inspired,” he told CBS.

The museum will also feature digital design from animated film.

“This museum, if anything, is a dedication to cultural fantasy,” he added. “How you design environments, how you design sets, how you design characters, how you design costumes.

“Part of the museum is designed to educate younger people in into the idea of storytelling, into the idea of being able to paint your fantasies, which is what 'Star Wars' was.

“'Star Wars' was there to inspire young people to imagine things, to imagine going anywhere in the universe and do anything you want to do.”

The museum will have enough exhibits to rotate its collection every six months.

Lucas is now retired after selling his company Lucasfilm for over $4 billion (£2.65 billion) to Disney last year.