Gerard Depardieu accused of assault and battery after scooter collision

Emma Edmondson
Yahoo UK Movies News

Legendary French actor Gerard Depardieu has been accused of assault and battery after an ‘altercation’ in Paris.

Depardieu, who is well known for riding a scooter on his home streets of Paris, allegedly collided with a vehicle, leading to an argument.

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According to Hollywood Reporter the unidentified motorist has claimed that Depardieu then punched him in the face.

The accuser filed a complaint with the local prosecutor’s office on Wednesday after the alleged incident took place in Paris’ sixth arrondissement.

Depardieu is no stranger to making headlines and this episode comes nearly a year to the day after he urinated in the aisle of an Air France flight.

The actor said he resorted to peeing on the floor of the plane last August after being told by cabin crew he would have wait for 15 minutes to use the on flight toilet.

The plane, which was all set for take off to Dublin, had to be delayed in Paris while the mess was cleared up.

Depardieu, who is one of France’s best known actors with 100 films under his belt, later blamed prostate problems rather than alcohol on the ‘humiliating’ incident.