Ghostbusters 3: Jennifer Lawrence And Rebel Wilson Linked With Roles


Jennifer Lawrence and Rebel Wilson have both revealed that they’ve had discussions with the makers of ‘Ghostbusters 3’, potentially to star in the film.


Lawrence told MTV, ‘I actually met the director [of ‘Ghostbusters 3’] and had dinner with him,” before ‘Hunger Games’ co-star Josh Hutcherson chips in with,”Don’t cross those streams, whatever you do…”

Was Jennifer giving too much away? It sounds like her co-star stepped in to warn her… Or maybe we’re reading too much into it?

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A moment after, she goes very quiet, before saying, “I didn’t know there was a ‘Ghostbusters 2?!”

Australian actress Rebel Wilson has also revealed she met with the director, but details remain scarce as to how far along the pre-production is.


"I have had a meeting, but who knows. They have to look at the script, when it’s finished. I would even do that without the money truck, because I’d do that for free. I probably shouldn’t say that live on TV," Wilson said.

It’s only a matter of time before the cast are announced, but Jen’s slip is the strongest link we’ve had to learning who the all-female main cast will be.

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Picture credits: WENN

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