Gia Woods is a pop starlet on a mission to be more than just ‘Lesbionic’

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Gia Woods
Gia Woods

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Bye gay? Not if Gia Woods has anything to say about it.

Pride Month may have come to an end, but singer-songstress Gia Woods is here to remind you that Pride doesn’t end in June. It’s an iconic, never-ending year-long celebration.

Or, in the words of her new single… “it’s not iconic; it’s lesbionic.”

For those of you so blissfully unaware: Gia Woods is no stranger to the queer pop music scene. She’s been doing the damn thing for the girls — and doing it damn well — ever since coming out in 2015 with her single “Only a Girl.”

In her traditional Persian household in Los Angeles, Gia’s parents saw music as a fleeting hobby rather than a legitimate career path. Gia therefore grew up a loner, picking up guitar and violin on her own and listening to everything from Green Day and Björk to Radiohead and Madonna. It was in high school when Gia would write “Only A Girl,” perhaps the most life-changing song she could’ve penned during that time.

Since then, Gia has emerged as a potent voice in the LGBTQ+ community, and it’s all thanks to her reliably consistent, ongoing mission to deliver fierce and genre-bending queer pop magic like her astoundingly good 2019 singles “New Girlfriend” and “Keep It Coming,” as well as everything on her 2020 debut EP CUT SEASON, and last year’s Heartbreak County, Vol. 1.

And now, Gia’s hoping to keep that Heartbreak County momentum going with a whole other round: Heartbreak County, Vol. 2, a new set of energetic in-your-face gems she created with the help of The Orphanage (Kehlani, Bebe Rexha, Carly Rae Jepsen), Gold Glove and Bham.

“Oh my god, it feels incredible to be releasing music again, especially in a less chaotic, post-pandemic time lol. It’s definitely less scary than it was releasing music at the height of COVID, but still scary,” Gia told In The Know. “I went through a hard and confusing breakup right after I finished writing Heartbreak County Volume 1, so I immediately went back into the studio and started writing a whole new set of songs while the feelings were still fresh. It honestly all happened so fast because I was so inspired! This side of Heartbreak County is the raw and gritty side, and less about the glitz and glamour…”

After kicking things off with the grungy lead single “Hello” at the tail end of May, Gia’s already back at it with “Lesbionic,” a song that demands your full attention with its title alone.

“My lips, my body, my hips, so naughty/ You stare, you want it, you’re there, so watch me…,” Gia seduces across an array of pulsating synths and hard-hitting euro dance beats. “Hey girls, no fighting, no kiss, just biting/ It’s not iconic, it’s Lеsbionic…”

Fearless, bold and undeniably playful, “Lesbionic” turns lust into a luminous soundtrack for the dance floor, all while cementing itself as a clear lesbian anthem for the new age.

“‘Lesbionic’ is definitely a lesbian anthem. It’s about celebrating and embracing women all over the world,” Gia told ITK. “I feel like we hear a lot of songs where men are thirsting after girls… I wanted to write a song about being a woman lusting after other women. In my mind, I see this song as a hot lesbian sex party where all the women are empowered and owning their own sexual fantasies. It’s not iconic; it’s lesbionic.”

This fun, self-empowering and fearless anthem is exactly the kind of messaging needed to help remind others out there that we should absolutely be celebrating who we are at all times. What better way to do it than with music? That’s exactly the messaging Gia hopes comes across through her music.

“I just want people to feel like they can be whoever they want to be and do whatever they want,” Gia said. “I hope that I can be a voice for anyone who’s struggling. When I was younger and still figuring out my own sexuality, I didn’t feel I had someone to look up to who made me proud to be who I was. My goal in life is to be that person for someone else.”

Gia promises that “Hello” and “Lesbionic” are just the start of this bold new chapter of hers. There’s a lot more to come, and it’s all coming with full intention. “There’s so many phases of heartbreak. You’re sad, then you’re angry, then you’re trying to distract yourself,” Gia teased about what else we can expect from Heartbreak County, Vol. 2.

“My first single, ‘Hello,’ is the breakup song, ‘Lesbionic’ is the slutty phase and then the rest of the project includes the rebound song and a song about regaining your confidence and knowing what you’re worth. There’s a lot more to come, but I can’t tell you about it yet,” Gia teased. “I mean… you never know! Volume 3 could come out way later down the line! But it’s endless. I think for my next project after this one, we’ll take a little break. You can only take so much heartbreak at once!”

Whatever is set to come, I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be more than just iconic — it’ll be lesbionic!

Gia Woods’ new single “Lesbionic” is available to stream everywhere now!

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