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13 fun gifts for your boyfriend under $100 that aren't leather wallets or beard trimmers

Somebody has to say it: Christmas shopping for boys is the absolute worst. This is especially true when it comes to gifts for your boyfriend under $100. No one wants to break the bank! And no one wants to give a bad gift.

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Of course, you don’t have to get your boyfriend — or anybody! — a gift this holiday season. But it is nice, especially if you know he’s going to be giving you one. This is why we love an “under $100” cap.

Sure, you can be lazy and just buy a neutral tie, an expensive razor or the pinnacle of boyfriend gifts, a brown leather wallet — but why? Luckily, there are so many affordable, thoughtful, fun and unique gifts for your boyfriend under $100 out there.

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Best gifts for your boyfriend under $100

Look, everybody loses their belongings — and an Apple AirTag is a lifesaver.

$26 at Amazon

I don't know why, but boyfriends and Ray-Bans go so well together. For them and for you.

$90 at Nordstrom Rack

The last thing you want to do is give your boyfriend a not-at-all supportive neck pillow and eye mask. But what you can do is grab him one of these ingenious head pillow that also works as an eye mask.

$45 at Ostrich Pillow

There's something so satisfying about keeping your electronics organized — and tangled cables and (god forbid) lightning cables are the worst. This travel tech organizer is ideal for anyone.

$14 at Amazon

OK, how fun are these Space Jam briefs from MeUndies?

$26 at MeUndies

If your boyfriend loves baseball or just a really riveting human interest story, The Wax Pack is the ideal gift.

Basically, the author, Brad Balukjian, took a single pack of baseball cards from 1986. After opening it and chewing the decades-old gum inside, he then traveled all over America to find every single player in the pack and uncover their post-baseball lives.

$18 at Amazon

My fiancé maintains that these L.L. Bean slippers are the best gift he's ever received in all of his 28 years. So, if that doesn't convince you...

$89 at L.L. Bean

Fact: This wild twist on cornhole is the most fun game you two will ever play. All you need to do is...flick the chicken.

$19 at Amazon
Dieux Forever Eye Mask,

Eye masks are the pinnacle of spa-like skin care, but they're super wasteful. Enter: The Forever Eye Mask from Dieux. All your boyfriend needs to do is plop these on top of his go-to moisturizers, serums, eye creams, etc., and he'll be instantly relaxed and pampered.

$25 at Dieux

French presses are always a great gift, but a Le Creuset french press is a smidge more special. Plus, they'll think of you every time they use it.

$85 at Le Creuset

TRUFF's signature hot sauce begs the question: What if someone wants to be fancy but messy at the same time? Because this bougie truffle hot sauce needs to be doused on chicken wings. It's warm, sophisticated, smooth, and an all-around good time.

$18 at TRUFF

Part of growing up is realizing that a high-quality, excellent pair of socks is the best holiday gift — kind of like how we all learned that roasted brussels sprouts are actually dope. Bombas seriously makes the most comfortable socks your boyfriend will ever slip their feet into.

$76 at Bombas

Unlimited homemade ice cream whenever, wherever, for just $21 is an obvious yes.

$18 at Amazon

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