Giggling toddler’s whole mood changes when Dad reveals his clean-shaven face: ‘Oh no, stranger danger’

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A toddler’s reaction to seeing her dad’s clean-shaven face for the very first time has TikTokers cracking up.

Mom and TikToker, Laura (@laurakk_), gained over 16 million views and nearly 12,000 comments when she posted the hilarious video to her account.

And now, much like the 4-year-old who taught a complete stranger her side-splitting “fart hack” in the middle of Target, Laura’s little girl is going viral and bringing laughter to people around the world.

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In the video, we first see Laura’s little girl giggling happily on her parents’ sink as Dad plays a game of peekaboo.

But unbeknownst to the toddler, a scary sight is lurking behind her dad’s towel: a clean-shaven face, something she’s never seen on him before.

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Laura’s husband hadn’t shaved his beard in seven years — far exceeding their little one’s lifetime. So it’s no surprise that when he finally revealed his new look, the toddler was having absolutely none of it.

In an instant, she goes from laughing and smiling to wide-eyed and confused, glancing at Mom in shock.

TikTokers couldn’t get over how quickly the toddler’s expression changed.

“She went from 🤣 to 😑,” one TikToker user wrote in the comments.

“Her whole mood changed,” another user laughed.

“She’s like, ‘Oh no, stranger danger,'” one user wrote.

Thankfully, the shocking moment had no long-lasting effect on the toddler, and she can now look back and laugh at the hilarious footage.

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