Gigi Hadid hails 'hot and talented' Blake Lively

Gigi Hadid has paid a glowing birthday tribute to Blake Lively.

The 28-year-old model has taken to social media to heap praise on the blonde beauty, who recently celebrated her 36th birthday.

Alongside a throwback photo of them together, Gigi wrote on Instagram: "Lots-o-angelbabies later, u are a magical friend and mamma – protective, warm, witty, thoughtful, talented, HOT

"Ur made of all the good stuff like rainbow sprinkles and butter and bourbon whipped creme. And lobster salad. Lots of lobster salad. Thank you for your light and example sister. (sic)"

Ryan Reynolds, Blake's husband, also recently took to social media to pay his own tribute to the Hollywood actress.

Ryan, 46 - who has been married to Blake since 2012 - wrote on Instagram: "The only thing irrevocably mine in the world is the love and appreciation and awe I feel for this person. Witnessing her life is something I couldn't take for granted if I tried. And believe me, I try. Happy Birthday @blakelively. You hung the damn moon (sic)"

Blake and Gigi previously interviewed each other for Harper's Bazaar magazine, and Blake paid tribute to her showbiz pal during the conversation.

The actress said in their 2018 interview: "I appreciate seeing you take the reins: You design for multiple brands, and you’ve been a photographer for high-end magazines and campaigns. Your 'branding' and social media feel like something a marketing company would love to have come up with. But it’s all you."

In response, Gigi said: "That all took a lot of hard work by me and many others, but it was a very natural progression. After I moved to New York, my social media really kicked off. I remember the head of my modelling agency, IMG, would call and be like, 'What do we tell the girls to do with social media?' But it was never methodical; I just did it."