Gillette launches Rogue One: A Star Wars Story partnership with new commercial

Tom Butler
Senior Editor

Shaving brand Gillette has kicked off its partnership with ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars’ story with a new TV commercial featuring sets, props, and costumes used in Gareth Edwards’ upcoming ‘Star Wars’ spin-off.

The advert shows a Rebel soldier charging into battle with the Empire on Scarif, the new tropical planet that features in ‘Rogue One’, before we rewind back to the start of the warrior’s day where he gets ready with a quick shave.

It’s a tenuous link but one that serves the campaign’s tagline – “Every Story Has a Face” – well.

Watch the new commercial above.

Credit: Gillette

At the campaign’s launch in Pinewood Studios last week John Mang, Vice President Gillette Global, revealed that the commercial had been shot using extras and crew that worked on ‘Rogue One’ and featured the screen debut of a previously-unseen astromech droid built by fans.

Check him out below.

Credit: Gillette

At the event VFX supremo Neil Scanlan, who worked on the creatures and droids in ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Rogue One’, also praised director Gareth Edwards’ “brave” new take on the sci-fi franchise.

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“What’s amazing and exciting about ‘Rogue One’,” Scanlan explained, “Is that Gareth Edwards, who is a young dynamic guy, took on this huge responsibility of taking on this next film. And I think what he’s done is incredibly brave. He sort of threw the rule book out of the window and came at it from his own unique stance. It’s respectful to the genre, but brave enough to put his own twist on it.

“For that reason there is quite a unique and exciting feel to this film that we maybe haven’t seen before.”

Credit: Gillette
Credit: Gillette

Scanlan also tipped new droid K2SO to be the breakout star of ‘Rogue One’, praising the Imperial droid turned rebel (mo-capped and voiced by Alan Tudyk), as a being “very much” a creation purely from Gareth Edwards’ imagination.

‘Rogue One: A Star Wars’ story is coming to UK cinemas on 15 December.