Gillian McKeith smuggles 'spicy knickers' into camp on I'm A Celeb...again!

Gillian McKeith took her spicy knickers into camp on I'm A Celeb...South Africa credit:Bang Showbiz
Gillian McKeith took her spicy knickers into camp on I'm A Celeb...South Africa credit:Bang Showbiz

Gillian McKeith smuggled knickers full of spices into camp on 'I'm A Celebrity...South Africa'

The 63-year-old nutritionist famously stitched a variety of herbs and spices into her undergarments during her appearance on the regular version of the ITV1 survival show in 2010 and appears to have pulled the same trick on a greater scale now that she is appearing in the all-stars version in South Africa, claiming only to have remembered about her contraband after initially forfeiting a bra stuffed with teabags stuffed into it the previous day.

Speaking on Friday's (28.04.23) episode, the 'You Are What You Eat' host told her campmates: "I just want to talk to you about something, all of you. So you know how I had this misunderstanding of contraband and what it actually means, like the definition, Well, I had an epiphany because last night I gave up my bra stuff and then I remembered this morning and thought 'Oh my God!' I forgot my spicy knickers! It's been quite difficult wearing spicy knickers every day, I forgot I had them. It was like an amnesia thing. So here they are and if you'd allowed me to help you with the dinner, you would have had the best meals ever!"

"These are a two-layered set of knickers with a pocket at the back. Now, in here, I had thyme, marjoram, rosemary, oregano, basil, and tarragon. I've got dill weed. I've got stock cubes, soup mix. I've got six pockets in the first layer of knicker."

In the bush telegraph, boxer Amir Khan explained: "Gillian literally had a whole tuck shop in her underpants, the list just went on and on!"

When former 'Made In Chelsea' star Queen of the Jungle Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo exclaimed in wonder: "How did you even make that contraption?, Gillian replied: "I'm very handy, I'm very resourceful. This is gluten-free soy sauce!" whilst supermodel and 2007 runner-up Janice Dickinson said she was "shocked" at how someone could come up with such a "brilliant plan."

After confirming that Gillian had indeed been wearing the knickers throughout her time on the show, 'Countdown' legend Carol Vorderman remarked: "She always ate on her bed so she was obviously having a rummage into her spicy knickers and having a sprinkle!"