Glam Up Your Galentine's Party By Turning Your Favorite Drinks Into Retro Punch Bowl Cocktails

Galentine punch bowl
Galentine punch bowl - Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock

If you love cocktails (with or without spirits!) and you also love to host parties, you've run into the age-old problem of how to serve all of your friends an elevated beverage without standing at the bar mixing drinks all evening. This is the problem that punch bowl drinks were made to solve, and what better time to bring a hint of retro cocktail punch glamour to your life than hosting a Galentine's party with your friends?

Batch-preparing cocktails has been trending lately, and for good reason. It's a convenient way to serve a crowd a consistently crafted drink with less stress, making you a happier host. Punch bowl cocktails are a fun twist on that batched drink concept that allows you to dress up a drink with flashy large ice rings and fun garnishes. Don't let the misconception of over-sweet juice punches from your childhood hold you back -- your punch bowl cocktail can be balanced and sophisticated.

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Punch Bowl Cocktail Garnish Tips

A pink Galentine garnish drink
A pink Galentine garnish drink - Elena Veselova/Shutterstock

The key to a great punch bowl variation on a batched cocktail is to consider the effect of your ice diluting the drink as time passes. For that reason, freezing components of the drink directly into the ice will help keep the flavors true and tasty from the first serving until the bowl is empty. For example, sangria is a perfect punch bowl drink for Galentine's Day with its ruby red color and bright flavor that goes well with nearly any food. For this flavorful bourbon version, try freezing additional oranges and lemons in a base of tart pomegranate juice that will only enhance the sangria as it melts.

Garnishing the punch bowl and serving glasses to match the cocktail makes the drink even more festive. A batched Cosmopolitan or Lemon Drop could feature raspberries and lemon slices frozen into a large ice ring with drinking glasses that are pre-rimmed with pink glistening sugar and festive candied lemon rind -- sure to elevate even the simplest of get-togethers. For lower-alcohol versions, add some sparkling wine or water to your cocktail recipe to make it a spritz variety. Bubbles always make a party more fun! Don't worry if you don't have a fancy punch bowl, a large salad bowl can fill in, or even a pretty water pitcher or carafe.

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