Glass Onion had a Rian Johnson cameo you definitely missed

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery has plenty of little details designed to reward multiple viewings and encourage sharing on social media, but there was one that we don't think anyone had previously caught.

Netflix has released a director's commentary for the film via its Watching With... podcast, which features Rian Johnson dropping all sorts of trivia titbits.

This includes Johnson's very well-hidden cameo that features him playing... Benoit Blanc?!

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Johnson revealed that he had to serve as a body double for Daniel Craig for one shot of the film, in a scene involving a fake-out shooting with Janelle Monáe's Helen.

Surely you'd notice that it wasn't Craig in the shot, since he looks nothing like Johnson. Well, it turns out that he was less of a body double and more of a hand double.

Referring to the movie's running gag of Jeremy Renner's hot sauce, Johnson said: "We did a little reshoot because I wanted a very specific reveal of 'Renning Hot'. So apologies, Daniel, that's me" (via The AU Review).

The other cameo that you wouldn't know just from looking is one we knew about before. Joseph Gordon-Levitt voiced the 'bongs' that happen every hour on the hour at Miles's private island.

"I just asked him to say the 'dong' into a microphone," Johnson explained with a laugh.

Gordon-Levitt has worked with Johnson on multiple occasions, including the films Brick and Looper. Last year, it was announced that the actor would feature in Johnson's procedural series Poker Face, alongside Russian Doll star Natasha Lyonne.

Meanwhile, Johnson recently started writing for a third instalment in the Knives Out franchise and teased to Digital Spy that he once again wants it to have a different vibe than what's come before.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is now streaming on Netflix.

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